The Soul of You


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Are you tired of struggling with emotional and physical pain? Are you tired of daily frustration, worry and stress holding you back from living the life you truly desire? Are you just plain tired of being tired?

If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to take a few moments to read more below and learn how you can become a part of a new wave of women and men ready to take charge of their energy and to make a powerful impact in their own lives, the lives of those they love, and in the world at large.

There is no limit to where you can go in life nor to the heights you can achieve. If you’re not where you desire to be, if you’re not living a life of passion and fulfillment as the person that you desire to be, then maybe it’s time for a change. Break out of your cocoon and fly free!

As a well-balanced team, Jackson Hanks and Renee Bouma, co-founders of The Soul of You, can help you do just that. Through workshops and private sessions, they guide clients and participants on paths of self-discovery, healing and transformation; in other words, journeys inward to the soul.

Learn powerful and unique hand positions to release that which has held you back, to easily cleanse your energy centers (chakras), bring in energies for your highest and best good, and shift your outlook on life. Tap into your inner essence, discover your authentic self, and live the life of your soul.

Our empowering workshops and Soul of You sessions will take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-illumination, allowing more of your true self – your soul self – to shine through.

Through private sessions and hands-on workshops, The Soul of You empowers clients and students alike to become the best you can be. We help you bring all aspects of your life into greater harmony.  Then, the life you are creating starts becoming the one you desire; a life filled with greater joy, peace and personal empowerment.

Whether a private session client or a workshop participant, you’ll learn how to use powerful tools (including our unique energy wellness hand positions, thought provoking exercises, visualization techniques and more) to enhance that which is serving you in your life and to change that which is no longer working.

Our participants and clients have had success shifting negative feelings and thoughts to a more positive outlook, healing wounds from the past, letting go of out dated beliefs and unhealthy relationships, optimizing their physical well being, rebalancing their subtle energies, and more.

By shifting your inner world, you will shift your outer world and affect positive personal change within it. You will gain a deeper connection with your inner self and return to a state of wholeness, re-calibrating yourself to view and live your life from the perspective of the soul.

Our empowering workshops and Soul of You sessions will take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-illumination, allowing more of your true self – your soul self – to shine through.

Energy Essentials


Take charge of your energy, create greater clarity and learn new concepts while having fun!

In this experiential one-day workshop, we’ll explore the basic principles of energy work; discovering how and why working with energy benefits us in our daily lives.

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Chakra Essentials


You’ll learn and work with the four aspects of all eight major chakras, as their state of being affects your state of wellness and daily life. Become skilled at using the Soul of You hand positions that are specific to each of the eight major chakras

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Chakra Essentials II


Although they’re labeled as minor and may seem insignificant to most, your ten minor chakras are anything but trivial!  They can have as much of an impact on your well-being and overall goals in life as your major chakras can.

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Essential Empowerment


Most motivational seminars and empowerment courses taught today provide great “how to” information for their students.  Yet this information flashes then fades in daily life because it is applied directly on top of old thought and behavior patterns, unhealed emotional wounds, and self-defeating attitudes.

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Heart Essentials


In this workshop, you’ll learn how to successfully use the unique Soul of You Heart Essentials Hand Positions to access the energetic layers of your defensive walls, transforming them instead into the free flowing energies of love, joy, compassion, unity and more.

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Private Sessions


Your level of ease and personal goal(s) for your session set the tone. Your intention(s) may be as simple as pure relaxation and stress relief, or could be something more complex, such as liberation from a physical discomfort, aid in manifesting a financial goal or dream, or assistance with an unresolved emotional pain.

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What People are Saying…

“This process provides such an easy way to address and free blockages and past wounds. Thank you for your work to develop it and gifts to share it.”

– Linda from Alberta, Canada

“Your Friday night intro sold me hands down! The course was fun, enlightening and rewarding. Thank you.”

– Les from Alberta, Canada

“Renee is beyond compare. She is compassionate, meets you where you are, and then gently guides you to reach your soul’s potential. My life has changed radically, in the best ways possible, since I began working with her.” –

– Texas business executive, name withheld for privacy