My Personal Reality Show!

What you WANT is irrelevant, what you’ve CHOSEN is at hand.
— Spock (Star Trek)

Each of us is the primary player in our own personal reality show. Imagine that!

In truth, we are own personal rock stars on the stage of life, even if we see ourselves playing without an audience.

Daily, however, we have a greater audience than we consciously think about. How is your performance being reviewed, comprehended and understood by those who are your spouses, children, co-workers, friends, luncheon pals, employees and boss? How well do you like your own performance?

That which we put out – be it kindness, gentleness, soulful honesty, courtesy, encouragement, empowerment, compassion and understanding, or rage, drama, deceit, control, sabotage or worse comes back to us in many forms in our personal reality show called “life”

Challenge yourself in the life you are living. Each one of us is capable of greatness.

Such greatness in our personal reality show comes in uncountable forms but always is based in the light we shine through our hearts in our thoughts, words and actions. That light is anchored in unconditional love.

“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes. In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Admit and acknowledge to yourself those personal traits and habits which always seem to get in your way. Ditch the disempowering habits you have by doing what you must to change them.

Instead choose what greatness you desire to be and to have in your life by stepping out of your comfort zones.

Become an explorer of self, nature and more.

Here is my challenge to you. CHANGE the world you live in by changing yourself. In so doing, it will be a better place for you and others to live within each minute of your life!!

As you start improving your personal performance each day, send thoughts and prayers of gratitude to every experience you have.

May each of our personal reality shows become the magical performance our soul/Higher Self seeks from us!

The choice is ours.

“Choose wisely, for that which you seek, think, desire and do, become the actors and actresses showing up in your daily personal reality show! Your life’s one act play is the legacy by which you will be remembered.” – Jackson Hanks

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