Jackson Hanks

Jackson Hanks is a lawyer who is on an uncommon mission. His goal is to help others live and become the best they can be, just as he strives to do the same himself.  That goal carries over into the community in which he grew up and continues to live.

Through his commitment and service to community, Jackson has supported his hometown’s continued growth and evolution. He served three terms as its mayor and has helped guide numerous civic organizations into becoming the best non-profit agencies they could be at the time.

Having studied several avenues of advanced spirituality, personal development and energy work, Jackson has triumphed over tough life experiences. He has learned to mine the gems of his past and is grateful for them, for without each one, he could not teach you how to become the best you can be!

No matter what role Jackson is serving in, he teaches empowerment to all he encounters daily through thoughts, words and deeds. Jackson’s heart-centered approach to life and love of community bring both compassion and joy to his teaching.

His knowledge and personal experience serve to enhance that of The Soul of You participant and client.

To learn more about Jackson, please visit his personal website.